Vergine Santa Frida is a drag queen with fashion inclinations, from Bucharest. He met Ioana Ciolacu before knowing about her career in fashion design and her fashion brand, and, after watching the campaign film for the SS15 HUNTERS collection, “LURE”, he fell in love with the brand.

His favourite Ioana Ciolacu piece is the costume worn in the photoshoot at the Museum of Recent Art, to which he became emotionally attached, as it is one of the first pieces to appear in public from new “Ioana Ciolacu” collection. Besides that, the Daisy Sweatshirt is also one of his favourites, as it is a staple for the Ioana Ciolacu brand. 

Vergine finds inspiration in drag queens, fashion designers, movies and artists. He’s always looking to learn new and exciting things, and all his gathered knowledge inevitably influences his aesthetic. Playing with new references, concepts and ideas is not something he shies away from. 

Vergine was photographed at MaRe (The Museum of Recent Art). Inaugurated in October 2018, two minutes from Herastrau, in one of the most famous neighborhoods in Bucharest, with a headquarters that operates on five levels, looking like a dark “bunker” floating on a fully glazed ground floor; with a signature architecturebgvvg (YTAA Youssef Tohme Architects and Associates) and an interior that surprises, and even seems to contradict the exterior, MARe / Museum of Recent Art is the only private art museum in Romania and the only one that operates in a designed and built to be an art museum.

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