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‘This story takes its inspiration from the oldest game in nature. The hunt. Across the ages, whether we are talking about carnivores or herbivores, flora or fauna, indifferent of species, the cycle of predator and prey continues to define the natural world. Ioana Ciolacu’s Spring Summer collection inspires the organic, the beauty, the tangibility, but also the cold, the calculated, the ruthlessness of nature. This contradiction is justified by the two simultaneous roles: The Hunter and The Hunted. At any moment they are inverted, from power to weakness, from domination to submission, from concealed to revealed, from night to day, from black to white. A constant cycle that ends as it begins.’
Anton and Damian Groves are half English, half Romanian brothers. Interested in art and storytelling from a young age, they found their voice in filmmaking and their passion took them to Romania. Since then, together they have been telling stories through film, music videos and commercials, having won a selection of awards and screened in many festivals throughout the world including the Cannes Film Festival and at London’s BFI.


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