We are a brand built on sustainable grounds, aiming to grow together with our partners, clients and friends, rather than seek instant profit. 

This has been rather difficult as we are not only responsible to produce clothes, but we also feel responsible to make clothes that last. We rarely produce more than we sell as over production has its share in breaking this fragile system on the long run. But this translates in sometimes waiting up for your product to arrive. In this fast world and faster industry, it might seem non-competitive. However, taking our time helps us develop services, clothes and designs that last longer. It leaves room to think on how to improve our next small steps. 

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a series of unique behind the scene series to introduce and dive you into our world and ethos.

Today, we wish to present our wonderful Manufacturing Team.

Built as an independent production studio in the heart of Bucharest, the production team has been with us since our first orders arrived.

Always keen to solve problems and being tailoring solution savvy, they managed to work directly with our creative director for over ten collections and numerous stockists, responding with great awareness and craft and delivering both super quality and impeccable tailoring.

With great versatility, we can always count on team for on demand or stocks, ranging from one to one hundred items produced weekly for us, that have now been shipped all over the world.

The system of producing depending on demand helped us keep a balance during this extra – ordinary period we are living, and the team capacity to adapt to our needs kept both businesses afloat.

Thank you, production team, for manufacturing our dreams.

#ciolacuteam #gettoknowtheteam 

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