We are a brand built on sustainable grounds, aiming to grow together with our partners, clients and friends, rather than seek instant profit. 

This has been rather difficult as we are not only responsible to produce clothes, but we also feel responsible to make clothes that last. We rarely produce more than we sell as over production has its share in breaking this fragile system on the long run. But this translates in sometimes waiting up for your product to arrive. In this fast world and faster industry, it might seem non-competitive. However, taking our time helps us develop services, clothes and designs that last longer. It leaves room to think on how to improve our next small steps. 

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a series of unique behind the scene series to introduce and dive you into our world and ethos.

Today, we wish to present our wonderful Printing Team –  Printoteca

We’ve met Printoteca – then Sabina, Razvan, Silviu and Bogdan – back in 2014, when both our companies were at the beginnings of their journeys – and we discovered we share the same values, principles and ethos. 

Now, with several expansions, a T-Shirt Van, Sticker Republic, a brick & mortar shop, an official distributor of Stanley / Stella, a pillar for young creatives, multiple sustainable actions and an ever-growing team, we’re proud to find the same professionalism and kind hearted team we’ve originally met.

Under the famous motto #printbun lies Printoteca, the go-to place for sustainable printing services and one of the best examples of good practice companies out there.

Be sure to check them out at when in need of a good print and don’t be a stranger if you bump into their T-Shirt Van – a very likely chance – at future local festivals and events.

Thank you, Printoteca, for manufacturing our dreams.

#ciolacuteam #gettoknowtheteam 

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