If you purchased an Ioana Ciolacu item, we know you love it and wore it extensively.
However, we are aware that wearing an item for a long period may subject it to wear & tear.

Sometimes you forgot it on while cooking a messy recipe, or your BFF burnt it with a cigarette in a crowded festival, or you simply text while walking and caught yourself in a street sign. Sometimes you simply love a piece so much you wear it everyday.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But here at Ioana Ciolacu we think that having a piece for many years is essential for a sustainable way of living. As Vivienne Westwood said, ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’ is crucial for a bright future for all of us.

That being said, we appreciate and encourage your sustainable way of living with our Repair Service.


Situations that qualify for this service:

– Products bought directly from our online shop in the Capsule and Unisex section

-Ribs and cuffs that loosen due to extensive wearing and washing

-Broken zippers

-Accidents: stains, cigarette burns, bleach marks, rips and cuts.


If one of the above situation happens with your Ioana Ciolacu product, please take a photo of the problem area, complete this form and send it to us. We will analyse your problem/situation and we will either advise you on how to solve it yourself or, if the situation is out of your hand but we can do it, we will send you an acceptance email. You can then send us your broken product and we could replace the broken part of the product. The delivery back and forth to us is at your own cost, but we will repair it for free.

* Please do not abuse this service since it implies an extra carbon footprint as well.
** We reserve the right to deny repair claims that do not qualify.


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