We are a brand built on sustainable grounds, aiming to grow together with our partners, clients and friends, rather than seek instant profit. 

This has been rather difficult as we are not only responsible to produce clothes, but we also feel responsible to make clothes that last. We rarely produce more than we sell as over production has its share in breaking this fragile system on the long run. But this translates in sometimes waiting up for your product to arrive. In this fast world and faster industry, it might seem non-competitive. However, taking our time helps us develop services, clothes and designs that last longer. It leaves room to think on how to improve our next small steps. 

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a series of unique behind the scene series to introduce and dive you into our world and ethos.

Today, we wish to present our wonderful Screen Printing Team.

Based in an historical industrial plant in Bucharest, the factory works as an independent company, successfully integrating screen printing for both big and small companies.

Build as a family business on the ruins of communist industry, the team has not only top notch machinery and personnel, but also an up to date creative studio, where numerous creative brands, including us, get to see their creative juice come to life.

Besides the classical screen printing with singular or multiple layers, we also experimented, thanks to them, with Mylar surfacing – an eco alternative to leather, as our anniversary Birdie Sweatshirts stands proof.

Accommodating both small and big orders, simple or complex, we love the day to day professionalism and flexibility the team always welcomes us with.

Thank you, Screen Printing team, for manufacturing our dreams.

#ciolacuteam #gettoknowtheteam 

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