HUNTERS collection brings out to life the conceptual relationship between the hunter and the prey. It’s all about the saying that in life we play both the role of hunters and preys and that whatever role we’re assuming, it can be switched in a second. Love, war, society, all these are beautifully guided by the game of power in which we play these two engaging roles.

HUNTERS suavely grasps  these moments of power and weakness into 25 outfits and outlines them through color, fabric use, silhouette, print and several techniques. It is a collection that is halfway from technology and craftmenship. The colors, from pale tones to statement colors evoke the playful nature of this collection and of nature itself. The fabric use and its textures invite the wearer to transpose into these two roles which sometimes overlap. Silhouettes are both relaxed, fragile, dreamy yet structured and empowering for the inner hunters. Digital print designed personally by the designer brings out to life a world of luxury nature where both inoffensive birds and the predator flowers are living together in harmony. Techniques such as laser cutting and laborious hand stitching are meant to outline the strong capacity of these two to coexist in an esthetically enhanced manner.

HUNTERS collection is the first full collection designed by Ioana Ciolacu and it expands to specially designed sunglasses to compliment the collection. Plexiglass, wood and cork, this material use on accessories compliment the above stated concept.



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