We’ve made it our responsibility to grow a sustainable company and attain a supply chain that is wary of our environment and people.

Our credo is this –


Ethical Trade

We purchase our fabrics and production services from roughly 15 suppliers, which are located in Europe. Our supply chain is predominantly composed of local small workshops that specialise in specific techniques and processes. All of our products are manufactured locally under good conditions, following a ban on child labor, forced labor, discrimination and in compliance with environmental legislation.
We personally monitor our service suppliers to ensure that we are supporting local safe and fair working conditions, commitment to our ethical conduct and that our products are made with integrity. We aim to build long term relationships with our suppliers and we believe in working with suppliers that share our vision.


We do not use any animal product, be it fur, animal skins or leather. Moreover, we are working to produce our garments with environmentally friendly fabrics, such as organic cotton.

Made to Order

In order to maintain a truly ethical process, we produce minimum stocks and work on a made to order basis, thus reducing the waist and over-production.


With an aim to reduce waste, we keep all of our packaging to a minimum. When necessary, we use certified recycled paper or cardboard.

Green Deliveries

All our international deliveries with DHL will include a Go Green stamp. This guarantees optimised transportation routes, alternative fuel vehicles and the use of efficient energy for the warehouses.
Each international delivery will receive a carbon footprint report and all the money collected by DHL from the Go Green program will be redirected to one million tree planting.


Part of the fabric scraps from the process of creating the Ioana Ciolacu garments are sent to the Calarasi village, in Romania to be used in the making of traditional rag rugs. By purchasing our garments you support the environment through recycling while helping to keep alive the local craftsmanship.


We appreciate and encourage our client’s sustainable way of living with our Repair Service, which applies for extensive wear and tear of our garments or accidents such as bleach marks, rips and cuts. our direct clients benefit from this service for free.
If any of the above occurs with an Ioana Ciolacu product, we analyse the problem/situation and we will either advise our client on how to solve it themselves or, if the situation is out of your client’s hand, they can send us the broken product and we could replace the broken part of the garment.
We hope you enjoy our products as long as possible by carrying for them, washing them less and at lower temperatures, ironing them less and by using our Repair Service. If you no longer wear  one of your pieces, we encourage you to gift or swap it, or sell it through resale platforms.

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